Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
EMOM In 30 Minutes
Minute 1: 100 Meter Run
Minute 2: 1 Round of Single-Arm DB DT (50/35) Left
Minute 3: 12/10 Cal Row
Minute 4: 1 Round of Single-Arm DB DT (50/35) Right
Minute 5: Max Burpees

1 Round of DT Consists of :
12 Deadlifts, 9 Hang Power Cleans, 6 Push Jerks

*30- Minute workout designed to earn your rest! For example: If you finish your 100m Run in 30 seconds, you have 30 seconds to rest… if you finish the Cal Row in 45-50 seconds, you have 10-15 seconds to rest… always starting a new movement at the start of a new minute! Work fast to earn your rest!

Intended stimulus:
Work hard on every movement to earn as much rest as possible and save energy for burpees as this will be our only scoring system for today. Minutes 15-30 get hard so choice a wise pace.

Tips & Stategy:
Recover on the runs, go hard on DT and pick a weight that allows you to go unbroken. You’ll need to push on the burpees for a higher score if you don’t mind breathing hard!

Scaling options:
Use a light DB if the 12-9-6 is taking you more then 50 seconds to finish! Don’t work more then 50 seconds per movement! You can choose to run an additional 100m in place of the row for today.

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