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How long have you been CrossFitting? Why did you start?

Roughly 3 years, (2 if you count down time with surgeries recoveries). Sheila and I were very active but when we moved to Las Vegas for work we didn’t adjust well and sent ourselves back to square one. We wanted to get back what we lost and Iron Talon CrossFit in Las Vegas started our CrossFit journey.

What are your favorite types or kind workout(s)?

Increasing ladder style 20 to 30 min AMRAPS, workouts with thrusters and/or overhead movements, and 1776 (look it up)…yes I am not right in the head.

Proudest Accomplishment in CrossFit so far?

CFNG 4/18/19 workout and overall day by far!! Everything about that day was surreal. Awesome to know little ripples can create big waves for others.

What’s your next CrossFit Goal?

Beat Vance on ANY workout, even if its thumb war, (though I will need a 3 round head start for a 4 RFT…just saying). Honest goal is to remove the “get in my belly” gut and rip out T2B’s.

What was your biggest misconception/or what do you think is the biggest misconception about CrossFit?

2 fold question;

You need to be a uber athlete to CrossFit. When Sheila and I started we couldn’t do 2RFT of 200 meter run and 15ea. 20” box step ups. It’s a crap persona. Just show up day one and work for the next day. Progression will make way to your goals.

CrossFit boxes are full of meatheads. We have the pleasure of surrounding ourselves with inspirational, giving, honest, caring, and just plain good people. Without CFNG we wouldn’t know all the great people we do now.

Who are you when you are not at the gym?

Same person I am at the gym

How has CFNG impacted your life outside of the gym?

CFNG helps us to be better people in all aspects of life, stress reliever, growing stronger to be active in everyday life, some say it’s a prescription for a happier/better quality of life.

Anything you’d like to share about CFNG??

We have tried several boxes/gyms and CFNG is BY FAR “an everybody’s equal type gym.” Whether you a top level member or 1st day nervous newbie, everybody cheers on one another and are truly happy for another when a new PR is hit, no matter the type, time, or weight.

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