An unimaginable variety of training activities today allows us to try a new one every single day. Today we will tell you about a physical activity that has grown immensely popular over the last few years.

What is crossfit and what makes it special?

Firstly, the complex uses loads aimed at developing several physical qualities at once, such as strength, endurance and agility. In this regard, crossfit training is usually divided into three components: weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio.
Secondly, these workouts do not use isolated exercises, both on simulators and with free weights. In crossfit, training is as functional as possible. Just don’t be afraid of the word “weightlifting”: squats familiar to every woman also apply to them. True, and without more complex exercises can not be done. Get ready to do rows, presses, snatches, jerks, cleans, and combinations of these exercises with kettlebells, barbells, and dumbbells.

Thirdly, there are no competitive exercises in CrossFit. Preparation is based on study of various physical qualities on different days of training. For instance, such a combination: strength and dexterity, endurance and dexterity, endurance and strength.
Training concept of CrossFit can be called one of finest in the development of general physical shape.

How to start training in CrossFit

When starting circuit training, you should understand that crossfit is a powerful and high-intensity load. Many physical activities require the mastery of complex techniques, such as snatches, jerks, rings. You need to understand that it is physiologically impossible to train various physical qualities as efficiently as possible at the same time. Properly distributed loads – this is excellent physical fitness and good health.
Universal advice: to master the CrossFit system, you must have a skilled trainer, desire, willpower and patience. Having all this and training according to system, you will have an outstanding physical shape and attend every training session with more excitement than before.

Attend an introductory course for beginners

Here they teach the basics of art. Multifunctional physical activity is divided into separate stages, which are worked out separately. And only at the end of the workout will they trust you to do the whole deadlift, and then with a mop stick. Look, don’t get hurt!
A visit is also obligatory if you have been going to the rocking chair for a couple of years and consider yourself well prepared. We don’t dispute your accomplishments in any way, but CrossFit is too diverse.
Even if you are a gymnast, you may not be able to perform weightlifting physical activity on move, and the skills of a powerlifter will not help much when climbing a rope.

So, in training, “leading” physical activity is used, evolution of which can later help you learn how to perform those very functional ones. It is highly recommended, if possible, to take a few lessons in weightlifting and gymnastics.

Here are preventive measures to avoid hurting yourself while doing CrossFit:

  1. No need to chase big weights, they come to you.
  2. Do not immediately chase intensity, everything has its time.

We recommend focusing on such simple, but at the same time necessary exercises, like squats, push-ups and pull-ups. By the way, this approach is used when building training programs in On Ramp, which we have already talked about.

And do not try to get ahead of all your neighbors in the hall.The philosophy of CrossFit is based on a competitive spirit, a board is used here, where the results of each person’s work are recorded. But it is necessary to compare what is being compared, because level of training of a twenty-year-old boy and a forty-year-old woman are different. Get out of your comfort zone. Jump out of it.

How to prepare for CrossFit at home

Before starting to perform complex functional crossfit complexes in a gym or fitness club, you can start with simplest exercises at home. I have prepared for you an effective complex that does not take much time.
The complex includes five exercises that can be performed in turn in 3-4 sets of 12-15 repetitions or in a row without stopping in the circuit training mode.

  • Perform squats with dumbbells in your hands weighing 5-10 kg.
  • Push-ups from the floor from the legs. If you find it difficult to do push-ups from your legs, then do them from your knees.
  • Do lunges with a step back without dumbbells.
  • Dumbbell row weighing 5-7 kg., while standing in an inclination.
  • Twisting on the press.

As a warm-up or additional endurance exercise in circuit training, you can use jumping rope. Usually consider the number of jumps or the time of the exercise.

The recommended complex can prepare your muscles and cardiovascular system for harder and more intense workouts.
Here are the aspects of CrossFit that scare the uninitiated:

  • high intensity;
  • the complexity of the exercises.

High intensity is the most important argument in the arsenal of haters. They repeat, “Oh, these crazy CrossFitters are training with a high heart rate, heart rate (HR) exceeding 200 beats per minute. A novice unprepared for such loads risks earning himself a heart disease, and for him this is a direct path to the grave.

If you think that reaching a heart rate of 200 beats per minute is easy, we are in a hurry to disappoint you. In a year of CrossFit training, the highest heart rate that was observed was 172 beats per minute and it was only once.
The human body reacts sharply to such stresses, and a beginner will simply fail when a more or less high level of heart rate is reached. This is not to say that we recommend trying it on your first workout, we’re just saying that you probably won’t be able to reach dangerous heart rate levels at first.

The difficulty of exercises is used by haters when they say that “CrossFit is difficult and traumatic.” Yes, CrossFit is very difficult, and in order to complete the complexes, you need to have good exercise technique. No, in the first workouts you will not snatch, get on the rings and use a lot of weight. Everything has its time!