Sport is a “kick” to yourself

Movement is life. Being at a respectable age, you can and should become more active. The article will open the world of fitness to the reader, introducing him to crossfit. Showing the difference between them and helping to determine the pros and cons of each of the workout methods will prove that a bad workout is one that never happened.

Fitness is a discipline: what does it consist of, for whom?

Fitness is a type of physical culture / a set of exercises in combination with proper nutrition, aimed at acquiring a beautiful body shape and developing endurance, which leads to rapid adaptation and resistance to negative environmental influences.

Fitness Pros:

  • improvement of the body (normalizes metabolism, strengthens the immune system and all systems of organs and bone tissues);
  • development of coordination, endurance and flexibility;
  • forms correct posture;
  • forms stress resistance;
  • increases efficiency and energy;
  • “blocks” the development of diseases (thrombosis, etc.)

Fitness does not include age restrictions, so both children and people of respectable age can try their hand. Fitness provides a wide range of workouts and exercises, so trainers can help you choose the best option.
When a person does not have skills of crossfit workout process, you should not overplay and build a professional athlete out of yourself. Not luck, but only hard work on yourself may lead you to the championship. The main thing here is not to overdo it. Tandem with your trainer, using properly distributed physical activity, is the key to your health, strength and beauty.

CrossFit – what does the discipline consist of, for whom?

CrossFit is a “ring” complex of high-intensity activities (both in individual and group formats) aimed at developing strength and endurance.
The essence of CrossFit is to be strong, and run fast, and swim fast, and all the qualities that you can put in there. For those who want everything at once. It cannot be called a sport, since the competitions are held like games, where everyone can find out what they can compete in just before the game itself. They can run, swim, throw something, wear something, etc.

Types of crossfit training:

  • weightlifting / strength training (bench presses, work with dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, etc.);
  • work with your own weight / gymnastic exercises (horizontal bar, parallel bars, jumps, lunges, etc.);
  • metabolic conditioning, or cardio/endurance training (swimming, running, jumping rope, etc.)
  • Having mastered the skill of owning body and correct technique for performing Crossfit activities, you will get the maximum effect and pleasure / buzz from what you get.

CrossFit training pros:

  • diversity and variability of the training scheme (coach alternately selects programs for you of different types of exercises (even group ones), which have the same goal);
  • weight loss (in combination with proper nutrition);
  • physical training of all muscle groups (including cardiac);
  • quick results in a short period of time;
  • acceleration of metabolism;
  • improved blood flow;
  • stabilizes blood pressure;
  • development of coordination, agility, speed and endurance;
  • prevents the development of various diseases (problems with the spine, diabetes, stroke / heart attack, etc.)

Cons of CrossFit:

  • injury (in case of neglecting recommendations of a personal trainer);
  • the presence of diseases (existing, which do not allow to endure power loads; acquired – due to the speed of performing / over-fulfilling exercises);
  • “addictive” and slowing down muscle growth (in the absence of alternate loads or rest between sets)
  • Without a base of physical crossfit training, a person will not be able to immediately accomplish a feat in such a sport. Therefore, the stage of developing strength qualities is very important for further crossfit training (jumping rope, squats with dumbbells, lunges, etc.).

The limit of patience is not the limit of possibilities. Persistently moving towards the goal, you train not only the body, but willpower and strength of character.