The key to the success of crossfit

First, there is no highly specialized program adapted, so it won’t harm your health. Each workout necessarily includes exercises not only for different muscle groups, but also those tasks that will increase your endurance, flexibility and, for example, coordination.
Secondly, the variability of training. CrossFit does not mean repeating the same exercises over and over again. Each time your trainer can select a new program for you, which at the same time can retain the main property – training the whole body at once, and not just one thing.
Thirdly, diversity and image. Admit it, it is always nice to realize that you are different from others in something special. CrossFit, in our opinion, is a good way to stand out from the background of friends who play football twice a week or visit a fitness club near the house from time to time.

Does this require a Crossfit coach?

Necessarily. At least the first six months. Otherwise, all training will not only be meaningless, but also harmful to health. The Crossfit
trainer will build the right training program based on the level of your sports training. He can also do the load and monitor the technique of performing exercises – many of us crave when the coach turns his back, not to finish and spare himself. If you are lucky and your mentor turns out to be a nutritionist, then he can definitely build a suitable nutrition system, which can be even more beneficial for your health. And of course, a coach is also a personal motivator.

You will make new friends

CrossFit is a community. Like people who play tennis, are fond of martial arts or triathlon. After the first workouts, you begin to understand the meaning of the terms that are used in this community: “kipping”, “em”, “water” and so on (all words are English, for example: emom – every minute on minute; wod – workout of the day ).
This can be followed by team tasks, a joint search for the right dumbbells, or, for example, a pleasant pain after training that unites. As a rule, after a couple of weeks, people have already agreed that they will work in pairs during classes, or decide to go out to eat together after. If you don’t believe me, then watch the video where the whole group sincerely rejoices for the success of their friend.

Is CrossFit dangerous for health?

Only if you do the tasks incorrectly and decide not to listen to the coach’s advice on when to stop in time, CrossFit is not much different from other sports. The erroneous opinion about its harm to health, by and large, developed a few years ago, when crossfit only began to appear with us and many did not have a clear idea of how to distribute the load.

In which case it won’t work for me?

In fact, CrossFit may not be suitable for you only in two cases: the first is that you have certain health problems that do not allow you to endure heavy loads. The second is that you are too lazy to start playing sports, and you are constantly looking for excuses. But then all that remains for you to do is to envy the good shape of others.

However, if you want to try something new for yourself, to make training not only effective, but also exciting and varied, then I advise you to start with functional training, which, in addition to an attractive body and overall development, also gives you a passion for many years. And even then, the systematic development of physical qualities and health during functional training can develop in you the competitive spirit and physical fitness necessary for crossfit!

Do not be afraid, just find a good coach and a well equipped gym and start training for your health.