The key to crossfit attractiveness

The thesis interpretation of the direction lies in the name: cross – intersection, fit – fitness. At the heart of the workout programs there is a place for running, jumping, gymnastics, jump rope, rowing machine, weight workout and other activities.

It is interesting that fans of this sport really quickly bring the body into tone, achieve the intended results, develop willpower and endurance, and generally acquire skills that are useful for behavior in extreme situations. CrossFit is aimed at the concentration and development of physical indicators:

  • firmness / elasticity of muscles;
  • strength;
  • speed;
  • flexibility;
  • balance;
  • dexterity and excellent coordination of movements.

CrossFit is considered to be sport through which people manage to achieve physical perfection. And this is today:

  • Health in the classical sense of the word, including the ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.
  • The correct posture and the absence of any wrong proportions in the addition of the body.
  • Physical performance at a high level. It means that working capacity, will, and endurance are envy of others. This also applies to sleep, a healthy appetite, a reduction in complaints of pain anywhere, cheerfulness, and so on.
  • Responsiveness. Those involved in crossfit master technique of basic movements, which allow them to orient themselves in extreme situations, quickly learn other exercises, and quickly show a motor reaction.
  • Possession of one’s own body, which is favorable for everyday life, physical work and the development of new sports.
  • Improved metabolism. As a result of sport exercises, you will feel your body and skillfully manage it, and workout with free weights will contribute to fat burning with a calorie deficit and regular visits to the gym.

A training program customized for each and everyone

Interestingly, almost all people can do crossfit, since instructors create programs of varying complexity, individual schemes, and adjust to the current level of physical fitness. In addition, this sport:

  1. Universal. The absence of a highly specialized program allows you to include exercises for different muscle groups, as well as tests that develop endurance, flexibility, and so on. Crossfit athletes are truly universal soldiers who can master the “kilometer run” and pull themselves up many times without fatigue. In everyday life, they will be able to paste wallpaper, dig a field, and easily take several bags in one go.
  2. Variable. CrossFit is not a repetition of exercises in a constant mode. The trainer can change the program at least every lesson with the same focus – training the whole body.
  3. Diverse and popular. It’s nice to know that your activities are special and different from the standard approach to sports. CrossFit is an image, and an opportunity to stand out from the background of others.

Important! At least the first six months of training, the control of the trainer is necessary. And to hone the technique, and to eliminate the risk of injury. The task of the instructor is to choose the right sport program, taking into account the characteristics of the body, the level of training, as well as monitor the correctness of the lesson and maintain positive motivation.

Where can the training be held?

In general, no one forbids mixing workouts anywhere. However, for the most part, a special room is considered an ideal place.
CrossFit space differs from the gym primarily in terms of training goals. In such a hall there are no power shells for performing isolated exercises. But there is a fairly large space that allows you to workout with dumbbells, medicine ball, barbell and other free weights, cardio equipment and rowing equipment without discomfort.
Often the area of ​​​​crossfit halls starts from 100 m2: high ceilings, good ventilation for training several groups. It is optimal if the training group consists of no more than 10 people. The halls mainly have showers, toilets and all necessary amenities.